LOEWE’s creative director Jonathan Anderson has cited Steven Meisel’s work as a crucial reference point when he was called upon to rebuild LOEWE. Coinciding with Anderson’s first LOEWE presentation, Meisel’s iconic images were paired with newly commissioned work by the photographer, archetypal black-and-white silhouettes styled by Benjamin Bruno.

The campaign also features carefully composed still lifes of archival items highlighting LOEWE’s heritage, including a century-spanning collection of bronze stamps used to engrave leather. These museum-like images are juxtaposed with hyper-descriptive shots of key pieces from Anderson’s new collections for the house. The campaign was conceived by M/M Paris and the collaboration between the four creative powerhouses has continued ever since.

Meisel’s iconic images were paired with newly commissioned work by the photographer.

For Fall Winter 2015 a series of ‘Self-Portraits’ —undated images from Meisel’s personal archives re-photographed by the photographer himself especially for LOEWE— manifests Anderson’s desire to activate diverse visual documents in a way that reflects his multi-faceted direction of the house.

Presented alongside Meisel’s archive images are a series of original silhouettes and descriptive shots of key pieces from LOEWE’s collections.

For SS16 Steven Meisel created an original Self-Portrait (number 4) by using a digital camera to re-photograph a black and white print of an undated image of himself from his personal archives. In the picture Meisel is seen wearing a black T-shirt and jeans. The image raises timely questions about fashion, representation, portraiture and reproduction.

The campaign is completed by a series of original silhouettes in a M/M Paris-designed set evocative of Mount Fuji, and key pieces from the collection.

As in previous seasons, an exclusive work by Steven Meisel is at the centre of the Fall Winter 2016 campaign, a continuation of his special collaboration with LOEWE. The original black-and-white image, from the 2016 series A Closer Look. This campaign component, selected by Meisel, represents a reflexive self-contemplation by the photographer of his landmark body of work.

The looks are shot against a sculpture by M/M Paris combining rugged rock-like formations with white iridescent sections, reflecting the character of the collection.

The campaign’s final element depicts items from LOEWE’s range of products.

Developing the special collaboration between LOEWE and Steven Meisel, LOEWE’s latest campaign is centered around an intriguing still life depicting a vibrant floral arrangement inspired by the work of pioneering mid-century British florist and author Constance Spry. In another image by Meisel, supermodel and actress Amber Valetta and Jackson Wakefield are pictured in dramatic motion against a spiral ofropes.

Stark shots of LOEWE’s Joyce bag and Goya weekender complete the campaign.