A shape-shifting LOEWE signature HAMMOCK

The Hammock's unique silhouette is meticulously handcrafted to expand, contract and fold—inspired by the flexible construction of the hanging bed from which it takes its name—fusing innovative functionality with LOEWE’s signature leathermaking savoir-faire.

Hammock small

Available in classic leather and Anagram jacquard editions, the Hammock small embodies contemporary elegance with its compact architectural design. Elevate casual daywear or add a refined touch to evening looks. 

Hammock mini

Scaled down to extra small proportions, the Hammock mini brings a fresh, youthful attitude to the iconic line. Available in a range of bright colourways, wear it crossbody with trailing drawstrings for a playful, undone vibe.

Personalise your Hammock

Make your bag unique with our personalisation tool—create your own mix of artisan-crafted charms, and choose from straps and accessories in a range of styles and colours.