Live events for the show-in-a-box

The LOEWE SS21 show in a box will be expanded by a layering of contents which will follow an hourly agenda, from morning to evening, for 24 hours. Once the content is live it will stay here for you to enjoy again.

The show-in-a-box is a classic archive box, which translates the entire creative process into a sensorial experience, from the initial inspirations to the show setting.

SS21 men’s runway collection

The LOEWE Spring Summer 21 men’s collection deploys a story of curves, swings and loops that skew the hard edge. What goes around comes in rounds. 

Look 1
Detail look 1
Look 2
Look 3
Look 4
Balloon bag
Look 5
Rope tote in textile
Look 6
Detail look 7
Look 7
Small craft tote
Flow Runner
Elasticated loafer
Zip buckle boot
Look 8
Look 9
Detail look 9
Look 10
Detail look 10
Side view look 10
Look 11
Large Puzzle
Look 12
Look 13
Detail look 14
Look 14
Look 15
Pineapple bag
Look 16
Look 17
Look 18
Small double handle tote
Look 19
Look 20
Look 21
Anagram tote
Look 22
Look 23
Side view look 24
Detail look 24
Look 24
Look 25
Hammock Tote bag
Look 26
Detail look 27
Look 27
Top view look 27
SS21 women’s precollection

The LOEWE Spring Summer 21 womens precollection celebrates the work process, on the mannequin: the act of gathering, folding, tying, wiring, wrapping, draping matter to shape the silhouette