Personalise your bag

Customise your bag with a unique combination of different dice charms, featuring letters and symbols, Anagrams, shapes and whimsical animals.

Hanging around

Use a keychain or necklace as a base to add dice charms featuring either letters, animals or playful shapes.

Make it your own

Bags including the Gate, mini Hammock Hobo and Anagram pouch have straps that can be personalised with dice charms.

Straps and charms

Change the look or functionality of your bag with whimsical charms or colourful straps, including SS24’s embroidered jacquard straps featuring characters from ceramics studio Suna Fujita.

Holiday shopping services

Find out about our holiday shopping services and discover this year’s festive packaging, featuring artwork by Suna Fujita.

Holiday packaging
Holiday packaging
Holiday services
Holiday services