Exploring happiness

The FW21 precollection pays homage to the life and work of American artist and writer Joe Brainard, part of the legendary New York School of the 1960s and 70s. As Brainard once wrote, ‘Happiness is nothing but a state of mind’, a characteristically resonant phrase that appears on a special edition of the LEOWE Hammock bag this season. Inspired by his words, we explore the personal philosophies of three creative women and their unique pursuit of happiness.

Tsubasa Honda

As a model and actress, Tsubasa is a familiar face on the Japanese television, film and entertainment scene. After starting her own YouTube channel in 2018, she directed the production of Nyorokko, an online game app scheduled to launch in summer 2021. As her passions and career continue to merge, she finds happiness in her expanding horizons.

Inside her Hammock bag…

Tools to bring ideas to life

Tsubasa likes to likes carry only the bare essentials: her tablet, on which she designed the characters in her game, headphones, a pair of sunglasses, and a reuseable water bottle.

Words Small Hammock bag in classic calfskin
Small Hammock bag in classic calfskin
Small Hammock bag in pebble grain

Mari Natsuki

After establishing a career as a singer and actress in the 1980s, Mari debuted her Inshosha [Impressionism] series of theatre performances in the 90s. A performer unafraid to tread her own path, she is also a philanthropist offering support to mothers and children in Ethiopia through her “One of Love project”.

Inside her Hammock bag…

Handcrafted, beautiful things

Mari is an admirer of traditional craft: her mask case is made from kimono materials, her purse is hand-decorated with a traditional Ainu pattern and she always keeps a selection of postcards for writing notes to loved ones.

Small Hammock bag in pebble grain calfskin
Small Hammock bag in classic calfskin
Small Hammock bag in classic calfskin

Shino Matsuda

Born in Chigasaki and captivated by surfing from a young age, Matsuda is now a professional surfer competing in tournaments around the world. After taking her first lessons at six years old, she obtained her professional license in eighth grade and launched her professional career a year later. While surfing may be a lonely battle in the ever-changing ocean, the 18-year-old athlete continues to ride the waves with boundless positivity.

Inside her Hammock mini…

Items for a calm and happy mind

Shino Matsuda never forgets her surf notebook, in which she records reflections on her training and emotional health. Alongside, she keeps calming lavender-scented oil and sunglasses for protection, as well as a playful lizard charm and passion fruit cardholder.

Mini Hammock Drawstring in pebble grain calfskin
Mini Hammock Drawstring in pebble grain calfskin
Mini Hammock Drawstring in pebble grain calfskin

In parallel with diverse lifestyles

The newest member of the Hammock family is emblazoned with the wise words of American artist and writer Joe Brainard, whose life and work inspired the FW21 precollection. Available in a fresh array of colours, materials and sizes, the Hammock bag is the perfect companion for any lifestyle.

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