Introducing A Show in a Book

The Fall Winter 2021 men’s runway collection and Fall Winter 2021 women’s precollection pay homage to the artist and writer Joe Brainard (1942–1994), and are presented as part of A Show in a Book: a 200-page hardbound volume devoted to his work.

In a new medium

The men’s collection pays tribute to Brainard’s work through prints, jacquards and marquetry, and also through collage as a method and mindset.

Inside A Show in a Book

The book gathers rarely seen artworks, comics, printed matter and ephemera created by Joe Brainard throughout the 1960s and 70s.

Exploring the inspiration

Discover the highlights and stories behind the collection through the eyes of our creative director, Jonathan Anderson.


In detail

Ready-to-wear, bags and accessories are emblazoned with Brainard’s paintings, quotes and Pansies artwork. Tropes of iconic subcultures are sliced, dissected and reassembled: from grunge and punk to beatniks and rave.

Remembering Joe Brainard

We celebrate the life and work of Joe Brainard in a series of conversations between those who knew him best, including friends, family and fans from the art, film and literary worlds.

In the first of three films, poet and life-long friend Ron Padgett speaks to Joe Brainard’s brother, John Brainard, about the artist’s early life, friendships and uniquely inspiring character.

About Joe Brainard

American artist, poet, and theater set designer Joe Brainard (1942-1994) was closely associated with the poets and artists of the New York School, including John Ashbery, Ted Berrigan, Frank O'Hara, and Ron Padgett. His diverse output included assemblages, collages, drawings and paintings, as well as designs for book and album covers, theatrical sets and costumes, in addition to his own books.

Below, portrait of Joe Brainard from the cover of More I Remember More and his artworks used across the collection.

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