Meet the artisan

Working from his workshop in Madrid, Javier Sanchez Medina is an Extremaduran artisan and restorer specialised in handcrafting ornamental mirrors and animal heads, which he calls ‘ecological trophies’. 

These trophies are sculptural objects, designed for hanging on the wall as decorative and symbolic items, representing animals including bulls, donkeys, and rams. The pieces are crafted entirely in natural materials including bamboo, wicker, rattan and esparto. 

Medina is self-taught and dedicated to his craft: a practice rooted in the iconography and traditions of rural Spanish folk art.

Bold forms, natural textures

For Paula’s Ibiza 2021, Medina has created a special series of animal heads illustrating the collection’s embrace of natural textures, handcrafted forms and Spanish culture to be installed in stores and pop-ups across the globe.

Paula's Ibiza SS2021

Suffused with handcrafted details that are as meticulous as they are playful.