Exhibition of Divine memorabilia

This digital exhibition comprises a showcase of photographs shot by the legendary Greg Gorman, portraitist extraordinaire, and a riotous collection of memorabilia ranging from the infamous white dress to a highly functional vanity case, posters, magazine covers and personal photographs. The display bursts with color, trash, fantasy, glamour, and freedom.

Divine: the filthiest person alive?

High school diploma and photograph of Harris Glenn Milstead (Divine) graduating from Towson High School, June 16, 1963.

Divine bust, 1987. Artist Andrew Logan is also creator of the Alternative Miss World pageant, where ‘drag queens’ – including men, women and children – compete for the prize. Divine attended as guest of honour in 1978. Sculpture by Andrew Logan. 

‘The Neon Woman’ play posters,1978. Divine appeared as Flash Storm, was first performed in 1978 at the Hurrah! Club, in NYC. Illustration by Richard Bernstein.

Autographed photograph, Divine as Flash Storm in ‘The Neon Woman’, 1979. The story was inspired by Gypsy Rose Lee’s classic burlesque thriller, The G-String Murders.
Divine as Flash Storm in ‘The Neon Woman’, 1979. The play is an outrageous murder mystery set in a seedy Baltimore burlesque house run by a retired stripper.

White dress, late 1970s. 

Originally made for Divine for Tom Eyen’s, ‘The Neon Woman’, later repurposed for various Christmas photographs by removing a sleeve, adding crinoline to the bottom and applying confetti embellishments to the body. 

‘Christmas With Divine’, In Touch Men's Magazine #74, 1982. Divine wearing the reinvented white dress. Photography by Bill Bernardo.
Divine’s personal picture album. Divine in stage costume, at home with friends, on holiday, and with his two bulldogs.
Autographed portrait, Divine, 1986. Image from the shoot for the cover of the single ‘Little Baby’, included in his final studio album ‘The Maid in England’. Photography by Greg Gorman.
Gold record, Mexico, ‘Hot Plate’, 1983. Divine amassed more than 10 international gold records.

Maxi single and poster, ‘You Think You're A Man’, 1984. Divine dedicated this song to his parents on BBC show ‘Top of the Pops’. Photography by Greg Gorman.

Autographed Vinyl 12” Single, ‘I’m So Beautiful’, 1984. Divine’s unquestionable attitude propelled her to stardom. Photography by Greg Gorman.
Vinyl 12” Single, ‘T. Shirts and Tight Blue Jeans’, 1984. A homage to the 70’s when Divine quit hairdressing and opened up a clothing store in Provincetown. Photography by Greg Gorman.
Vinyl 7” Single, ‘Twistin' The Night Away’, 1985. This satirical track became a breakthrough electro hit. Photography by Greg Gorman.

Divine on stage at Studio 54, NYC, 1984. Photography by Vojta Klecka.

Divine’s personal belongings. Aquamarine cufflinks, earrings and thank you letter to his friend and costume designer Max Hager.
Divine’s personal picture album. Polaroids and postcards from Divine’s European tour as a singer.
Divine’s personal makeup case, 1988. Used by Divine while touring his popular disco show.
Divine’s Jacket, 1986/87. Worn on the world tour across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Divine’s personal makeup case, 1988. Divine’s vintage cosmetics including lipsticks, foundations, powders, brushes, lashes, adhesives, sponges and more.

Interview Magazine cover, 1988. Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine was nicknamed "The Crystal Ball of Pop”. Illustration by Richard Bernstein.
Komrads’ showtime flyer, Toronto, mid 1980’s. The nightclub – with its polished steel dancefloor – was a glamorous stage for Divine’s performances.

Divine’s personal picture album. A collage including photographs of him on stage, on tour, and at home for Christmas with his mother.

All items shot by Greg Gorman. Thanks to Divine Official Enterprises LLC, The Richard Bernstein Estate Archive, and Divine’s private collection.