LOEWE’s Projects

LOEWE’s projects reflect the experimental spirit that has driven LOEWE from the start, reconfiguring traditional codes of craftsmanship, setting a new creative standards for the future.

The first LOEWE project was presented at Salone Del Mobile 2015. 3 sets of 50 unique bowls in various sizes, forming an ensemble that plays with scale and perception, blurring the boundary between sculpture and design. Each piece was created by Jonathan Anderson, who employed a special moulding process and sculpted the leather into its final, distinctive shape with his hands.

Since then, LOEWE presents a new project each year at the Salone del Mobile. In 2016, LOEWE created a set of oak furniture featuring unique designs composed from multiple fragments of leather in various shapes and colours. The innovative project updates existing forms of craft in an elaborate process informed by methods used in traditional bookbinding and woodworking.

LOEWE also develops a series of collaborations showcasing the work of artists and artisans LOEWE believes in, such as The John Allen special collection of accessories launched in 2016, the Ouka Leele Limited Edition launched in 2017.

In 2016, reasserting the house’s long-standing commitment to creative excellence, LOEWE Foundation has created the LOEWE Craft Prize, a new prize recognizing outstanding achievements in craftsmanship. The award’s objective is to highlight newness and artistic merit in modern craftsmanship.