Publication No.18 FW18 Men

LOEWE FW18 Men collection draws upon a masculinity, where smoke and mirrors are sidestepped to approach archetypal items refined through the LOEWE lens of craft and material development. A muted palette of umber and moss tones denotes the great outdoors, as new leather nishes create burnished patinas and a corduroy effect.

Classical outerwear shapes are crafted in ne shearlings and Melton wool checks, patch-worked together or constructed with exposed seams. Rugby lacing and a varsity LOEWE logo appear as timeless boyish motifs, whilst an obsession with talismans provokes concentrated adornment as miniature terracotta pottery and rows of knots in rope and twine. 

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季度專刊No.17 2018春夏女裝系列

季度專刊No.17於聯合國教科文組織巴黎總部(Maison de l’Unesco)取景,呈現品牌創意總監Jonathan Anderson的2018春夏女裝系列,硬照以Fumiko Imano的「二人」自拍肖像和荷蘭模特兒Saskia de Brauw為主角。

Fumiko Imano的作品橫跨攝影、影片和裝置藝術界別,以自拍肖像為主。她的「雙胞胎」系列源自她定居日本日立市的生活。她在巴西渡過童年,成年早期則於巴黎和倫敦生活。她感到孤獨,於是便開始創造「雙胞胎」。她把35毫米自拍肖像剪貼成十分真實的拼貼畫,影像中有她和她虛構的孿生妹妹。

Fumiko Imano的最新書籍是由Little Man畫廊出版的「We Oui!」,推出後備受國際好評,繼而獲LOEWE邀請合作。