women espadrilles turquoise

Flat Espadrille designed combining two emblematic materials: Loewe napa and esparto. The threads of jute of the handcrafted sole have been coloured to match the interior colour of the espadrille. A colourful napa palette amazingly sewed in the making of espadrilles. Loewe, always true to its Spanish roots, is working on a very exciting and beautiful project called "Best Hands of Spain" dedicated to keeping alive our finest Spanish traditions; Loewe proudly aims to show the world Spain´s finest craftsmen who´s creations embody several centuries of Spanish heritage and skill. These beautiful Espadrilles have been created in collaboration with the best atelier in Spain.

  • Flat Espadrille
  • Loewe Napa and esparto
295 €
  • Color : Turquoise
  • Materials : Nappa
  • Measurements : 34-42 cm
  • Model ID : 111.08.526

The story behind

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