Loewe Foundation

With a specific focus on education, music, dance, poetry and design, the Loewe Foundation develops its initiatives aiming to preserve heritage and stimulate creativity.

Recognized “for its selfless character, challenging proposals and strict realization of high-quality projects”, the Foundation was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 2002, granted by the Spanish Government at the Ministry of Culture´s proposal.

It was set up in February 1988 to institutionalize the support to culture shown by Loewe from as early as the 1950s, as a result of the passion and vocation of Enrique Loewe Lynch, great-grandson of the House´s founder with a solid avant-garde arts background.


Foundation and Culture

Enrique Loewe Lynch, great-grandson of the House´s founder was promoting Loewe’s involvement in culture long before the Foundation was first established. Back in the 1950s a wide range of artists were already decorating the windows at the Loewe boutique. In the 1980s, the House began sponsoring concerts together with Ibermúsica at Madrid’s Teatro Real, and also the Andrés Segovia Scholarship at New York University. It was also then that Loewe held the first Infanta Cristina Piano Competitiion.

The Foundation is Born

The Loewe Foundation was established in February 1988 as a private cultural foundation protected by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. The Foundation was born to systemize and institutionalize Loewe’s long-standing support to culture. The Foundation’s core goals would be to sponsor music, poetry and design, and to foster young talent and creativity.

Gold Medal to Merit in Fine Arts

The Loewe Foundation was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 2002 in recognition of its "selfless character, challenging proposals and strict realization of high-quality projects". The award was given to Enrique Loewe Lynch, the Foundation’s president, by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain in Granada, Spain, in 2003.

The Foundation Today

Piano, Music , Poetry, Literature and Design and Craftmanship remain the Foundation’s core interests. Dance has recently become a new field of action.

The Infanta Cristina Piano Contest, the International Poetry Award and the teaching of design on leather at Madrid’s Polytechnic University are some of the Foundation´s longest-standing initiatives. The sponsorship of the dance performances at Madrid’s Teatro Real, at Barcelona´s Gran Teatre del Liceu and other dance-related activities are more recent additions to the Foundation´s key activities.


Patronage & Office

Lisa Montague
 Sheila Loewe
 Javier Alonso

Honourary Patrons
Honourary President: Enrique Loewe
Juan Benet († 1994)
Carlos Bousoño
Francisco Brines
Cristóbal Halffter
José Hierro († 2002)
Carmen Iglesias
Luis de Pablo
Octavio Paz († 1998)
Manuel Pertegaz
André Ricard
Joaquín Soriano
Mario Vargas Llosa
Luis Antonio de Villena

Director: Sheila Loewe

General Coordinator: Carla Fernández-Shaw
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