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Supporting poetry was one of the key reasons why the Loewe Foundation was first established. Poetry, which was then on the margins of Spanish culture, is now center-stage partly thanks to the Foundation’s efforts. Today the International Poetry Award has become a reference in Spanish culture.

The Foundation also collaborates with Eñe Festival Madrid, organizes a singular series of conferences Los otros poetas (The Other Poets), edits several publications and has collaborated on other institutions´ projects.


Poetry Awards

Established in November 1987, the International Poetry Award aims to stimulate the quality of poetry in the Spanish language. Every year this award is given to an unpublished piece of at least 300 verses. There is also a discretionary Young Poets Award for a poet under the age of thirty, should the International Poetry Award be given to an older author. The awards are published in the Colección Visor de Poesía. Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize of Literature, presided over the jury from its inception until his death in 1998.

Juan Vicente Piqueras I Loewe Award 

Canción en blanco
Álvaro García I Loewe Award

Las Ollerías
Joaquín Pérez Azaústre I Loewe Award

José Luis Rey I Loewe Award
La ciudad de las delicias
Sergio DeCopete y García I Young Poets Award

Cristina Peri Rossi | Loewe Award
Javier Vela | Young Poets Award

Días del bosque
Vicente Valero | Loewe Award
Una oscuridad brillando en la claridad que la claridad no logra comprender
Carlos Fonseca | Young Poets Award

Eros es más
Juan Antonio González-Iglesias | Loewe Award

Fuente de Médicis
Guillermo Carnero | Loewe Award
El jersey rojo
Joaquín Pérez Azaústre | Young Poets Award


Fuera de mí
Carlos Marzal | Loewe Award
El idioma de Adán
Javier Cano | Young Poets Award

La miel salvaje
Miguel Ángel Velasco | Loewe Award

Santa deriva
Vicente Gallego | Loewe Award

Puntos de fuga
Lorenzo Oliván | Loewe Award

En la estación perpetua
Antonio Cabrera | Loewe Award
El laboratorio
Bruno Mesa | Young Poets Award

La lágrima de Ahab
José María Álvarez | Loewe Award
La noche de los bueyes
Silvina López Medin | Young Poets Award

Viaje al fin del invierno
Jenaro Talens | Loewe Award
Physical Graffiti
José Eugenio Sánchez | Young Poets Award

Templo sin dioses
César Simón | Loewe Award

Estado sólido
Rafael Courtoisie | Loewe Award
Elogio a la mala yerba
Josefa Parra | Young Poets Award

Donde rompe la noche
Alejandro Duque Amusco | Loewe Award

Habitaciones separadas
Luis García Montero | Loewe Award

Sombras particulares
Felipe Benítez Reyes | Loewe Award
Teoría solar
Vicente Valero | Young Poets Award

Una oculta razón
Álvaro Valverde | Loewe Award

Fórmulas para Cratilo
Bernardo Schiavetta | Loewe Award
República de viento
Aurelio Asiaín | Young Poets Award
Los ojos del extraño
Vicente Gallego | Young Poets Award

Semáforos, semáforos
Jaime Siles | Loewe Award
La coleccionista
Juan Pablo Zapater | Young Poets Award

Galería de fantasmas
Juan Luis Panero | Loewe Award

The Loewe Award is declared open every March. If you wish to be informed when the competition is declared open please contact



Eñe Festival Madrid

For the first time, the Loewe Foundation participated in the 2nd edition of Madrid’s Eñe Festival which is organised by La Fábrica and by the Círculo de Bellas Artes, on the 12th and 13th November 2010. A literary and cultural rendezvous where more than 100 writers, editors, artists and creators participate in a programme offering over 60 activities: conferences, round tables, meet the author opportunities, literary workshops, concerts, activities for children, exhibits, performances, a poetry marathon, visual projections, book signings, films, poetry readings, interactive meetings with writers as well as a chess and pool tournament.

The Loewe Foundation supports the poetry related activities of the Festival which include the public presentation of the Loewe Prize winner and the first reading of a selection of poems taken from the winner’s book in conjunction with José Manuel Caballero Bonald, Enrique Loewe and Eloy Azorín, as well as a poetry marathon on Friday at midnight where winners from previous editions of the Loewe Prize participate

> Next Eñe Festival Madrid: November 11 & 12, 2011, Círculo de Bellas Artes


The Other Poets

The Other Poets (Los otros poetas) is a series of conferences for leading personalities to share their vision on the world of poetry. From painters to novelists and musicians discuss poetry as an essential art form, thus linking their own form of poetry with the written form.

Mario Vargas Llosa.
Around Poetry. Download pdf.
Eduardo Arroyo.
Poetic Imagination. Download pdf.
Cristóbal Halffter.
Music-poetry: Similarities and Differences. Download pdf

Other activities

The Loewe Foundation collaborated on a series of poetry recitals with the Mies van der Rohe Foundation in Barcelona between 1992 and 1994. Leading authors such as Octavio Paz, Pere Gimferrer and Joan Brossa took part in these recitals.

Together with ProMúsica and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, in 1998 the Foundation organized How to Listen to Contemporary Poetry and Music, ten conversations between experts on both fields set to explore their similarities and differences in the 20th century.

During the 50th Granada International Music and Dance Festival in 2001, the Foundation sponsored the recital Por el agua de Granada, a celebration of Granada’s beauty through poetry from medieval times to the 20th century.

In Santander in 2003 the Foundation collaborated with the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo on a series of poetry evenings set as a tribute to José Hierro.



- Poetry collection
The poetry collection includes the pieces that were given the Loewe Award and various anthologies, all published in theColección Visor de Poesía.

Loewe Awards (go to Poetry Award, Laurels)

Los senderos y el bosque. XX años del Premio Loewe. Incesantes caminos de pluralidad.
Ed. by Luis Antonio de Villena. 2008.

Octavio Paz. Piedra y sol (Poemas elegidos).
Ed. by Luis Antonio de Villena. 2007.

La poesía plural. 10 años del Premio Internacional de Poesía Fundación Loewe
Ed. by Luis Antonio de Villena. 1998.

Fin de siglo.
Ed. by Luis Antonio de Villena. 1992.

Poesía entera.
Angélica Becker. 1991.

- The Other Poets
The series of conferences The Other Poets is published in a limited and numbered edition of 300 copies, published byVisor Libros.

Mario Vargas Llosa. Around Poetry. Download pdf.
Eduardo Arroyo. Poetic Imagination. Download pdf.
Cristóbal Halffter. Music-poetry: Similarities and Differences.
Download pdf.

- Other publications Cinco visiones de hombre. Manuel Sánchez Cuesta. Madrid, Visor, 1993.

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