A trench coat as light as air; a curvy, sensual skirt; a blazer that follows the contours of the body yet skim over any imperfections – there are few in the world who can make leather and suede clothing to rival Loewe.

One look, one touch tells you it is Loewe, but what makes these garments the very best? Joaquín López of the clothing workshop in Barcelona explains; “Making clothes in napa and suede is not something you learn quickly. About 60% of what we do is by hand, not because we are old fashioned, but for many processes there is no better way and perhaps you need 30 years to perfect these! But we are lucky. The leathers we work on are always chosen for their quality with no thought of the cost, so they are always the very best. Each garment is made from beginning to end by a maximum of three people, so the artisans have a special feeling towards their work. In Spanish, we say, 'Aquí sufrimos mucho cada pieza', which means our personal passion for what we create carries with it some of our soul. All we ask in return is that our creations are worn for life, because Loewe leather becomes more beautiful, more personal, more perfect the more you wear it”.

Joaquín López says that garments coming back for repair are rarely less than 20 years old and usually require resizing, so a daughter can wear her mother’s still cool jacket. “Nobody asks for leather re-dyeing or rejuvenating treatment, simply because it’s never needed”.

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