What makes Loewe leather among the best in the world?

Spain is internationally renowned for the quality of its lambskin and the best of the best comes to Loewe. "Cordero entrefino español" refers to lambs bred in the cool heights of the Spanish Pyrenees. Ultrasoft, organically-dyed skins of only 0.7 mm in thickness are achieved by a unique combination of painstaking hand-buffing followed by a final polishing with glass cylinders.

Yet even after all this, Loewe’s experts accept only the very small percentage of leather that can be judged absolutely perfect. As a result, Loewe's napa has an unrivalled softness, suppleness and sheen. That it is resilient yet sensual makes it superb for handbags and also for leather and suede garments, where the technical challenges can be even greater. The incarnation of Loewe’s mastery is these garments of a lightness, flexibility and proportion that very few others could achieve, with leather that both flatters the body and feels as soft as silk.

Box calf and exotic skins such as ostrich, lizard and python are also of the highest quality. Beauty blends with functionality in seductive bags featuring often-ingenious interior pockets. Of note too, is a rare breadth of colour, from the famed “Ante Oro” gold suede reminiscent of sunburned earth to the classic gleam of jet black and crimson napa, from unusual jewel brights such as sapphire and flame to the muted tones of grape, steel, chestnut and moss.

Everything comes back to the senses. The seductive touch is unique.

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