Piano Music

The Loewe Foundation has devoted special support to music. By sponsoring concerts, publications, recordings and new creations, the Foundation has promoted the education and support of young talent.

The Infanta Cristina Piano Contest, created in 1982, is Loewe’s longest-running cultural activity.



Opening Notes

The opening notes of Loewe´s collaboration with music started long before the Foundation was born. In the 1980s the House promoted the Loewe Concerts at Madrid’s Teatro Real with Ibermúsica, sponsored the Andrés Segovia scholarship at New York University and, since then, the Infanta Cristina Piano Contest.


Infanta Cristina Piano Contest
Loewe-Hazen Awards

Held every two years, this competition was established in 1982 by the International Society for Music Education and was supported by Loewe. The initiative was launched by Rosa María Kucharski, then piano teacher to the Infanta Cristina, as a mean to stimulate young Spanish pianists. The Loewe Foundation has been organizing the Contest since 1990. The Hazen Hosseschrueders Foundation joined the Loewe Foundation as co-organizer in 1992.

With the growing support of collaborating institutions, the Contest educates and provides young pianists with invaluable training experiences. The competition was opened in 2006 to all Spanish residents that fall within the following categories: under 13 year-old, under 17 and under 21.

Francisco José García Verdú I First Children´s Award
Abraham Samino Rodríguez I First Teenagers´ Award
Mario Mora Saiz I First Young Soloists´ Award

Martín García García | First Children’s Award
Diego Catalán Flores | First Teenagers´ Award
David Caro Caro | First Young Soloists´ Award

Esperanza Martín López | First Children’s Award
Carlos Goicoechea Cancho | First Teenagers´ Award
Gregorio Benítez Suárez | First Young Soloists´ Award

Diego Catalán Flores | First Children’s Award
Luis Grané López | First Teenagers´ Award
Pedro Casals Fernández | First Young Soloists´ Award

Carlos Goicoechea Cancho | First Children’s Award
Roger Sans Guimerá | First Teenagers´ Award
María Ramallo Lucini | First Young Soloists´ Award

Pablo Ruiz Segura | First Children’s Award
Pedro Casals Fernández | First Teenagers´ Award
Iván Carlos Martín Cabrera | First Young Soloists´ Award

Judith Jáuregui Fernández | First Children’s Award
Gabriel Escudero Braquehais | First Teenagers´ Award
José Enrique Bagaría Villazán | First Young Soloists Award

Pedro Casals Fernández | First Children’s Award
Mª Ángel García Soria | First Teenagers´ Award
Gonzalo de la Hoz Arespacochaga | First Young Soloists´ Award

Pablo Diago Busto | First Children’s Award
Patricia de la Vega Martín | First Teenagers´ Award

Diego Alonso Plaza | First Children’s Award
José Enrique Bagaría Villazán | First Teenagers´ Award
Carlos Apellaniz Martínez | First Young Soloists´ Award

Patricia de la Vega Martín | First Children’s Award
Gustavo-Mozart Díaz Jerez | First Teenagers´ Award

Guillermo Alonso Iriarte | First Children’s Award
Pablo Puig Portner | First Teenagers´ Award

Mª José Vidal Manzano | First Children’s Award
Andrés Riera Gomila | First Teenagers´ Award

Claudio Martínez Mehner | First Children’s Award
Bernardo Martínez Mehner | First Teenagers´ Award

José Ramón Méndez Menéndez | First Children’s Award
Susana Rivero Ledesma | First Teenagers´ Award"

The next Piano Contest will be held in May 2012. The rules will be made public in November 2011. Click here if you wish to be informed when the competition is declared open.

- Rules of the 2010 edition

- Mario Mora Saiz, Abraham Samino Rodríguez and Francisco José García Verdú, winners of the 2010 Contest. Press release


- 2010 Contest Video


Music and Culture
at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

"How to Listen to Contemporary Music, How to Listen to Contemporary Painting and How to Listen to Contemporary Poetry and Music were the three outstanding courses directed by Xavier Güell, Tomás Llorens and Enrique Loewe. These courses were organized in collaboration with ProMúsica and theThyssen-Bornemisza Museum between 1996 and 1998.

Leading Spanish artists, philosophers and historians were the centre of a series of over thirty conferences, round tables and live auditions dedicated to the most influential names in 20th century music. The Centro para Difusión de la Música Contemporánea (INAEM, Ministry of Culture), the Hazen Hosseschrueders Foundation, Mundimúsica-Garijo and Bang&Olufsen collaborated in this project."


Loewe at the Granada Festival

"The Loewe Foundation has collaborated with the Granada International Music and Dance Festival since 1996.
The Foundation has sponsored shows and projects such as concerts at the Alhambra Palace Hotel as well as comissions to relevant composers. Loewe has also designed costumes for a flamenco concert by Estrella Morente as well as Manuel García´s opera Il Califfo di Bagdad, sponsored the Berlin Staatballet´s performance of The Sleeping Beauty at the Generalife Gardens and organized an exhibition on Manila shawls."


AIE-Loewe-Hazen Workshops
at the Residencia de Estudiantes

"Established in 2005 to complement the education of those young pianists that excelled in the under-13 and under-17 categories of the Infanta Cristina Contest. Their parents and teachers are also welcome to join the workshops.

The workshops are sponsored by theAIE, and the Residencia de Estudiantes , with the collaboration of the Scherzo Foundation . The workshops offer information and advice through practice and conferences.

Fourth workshop:

The first part took place at the Residencia de Estudiantes between October 22nd and 24th, 2010" and the second one was held between March 25th and 27th, 2011

Video fourth workshop


Other activities

In its early years the Loewe Foundation also became involved in concerts for both young talents and distinguished masters and sponsored awards for the composition and interpretation of diverse instruments such as violin and harp. The Foundation also supported recordings as well as music and opera education publications.