A cultural volcano erupts on the Madrid scene in the beginning of the 80s called La Movida which brings an explosion of 24-hour partying, radical art and fashion, and the first lurid yet tender romances of Pedro Almodóvar. Loewe undergoes its own revolution with the use of super soft Spanish napa - so fine, it had previously been reserved for garments - being utilized for a groundbreaking, unstructured bag called Flamenco. The mood of radical freedom sweeping Loewe’s native city finds expression in this sexy bag which is so light, it can mould to a woman’s body over the course of a wild night out. As Madrid shakes off the last vestiges of its rigid past, Flamenco, which is almost without structure and comes in an array of colours as vivid as the city's new mood, becomes the visual expression of women going all out to break old rules.