“Keats wrote, 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty'. In few other instances is this as true as in the work carried out by the Loewe Foundation”, wrote the poet, Lorenzo Oliván, on receiving The Loewe Foundation International Poetry Prize in 2000, one of the most prestigious prizes in the Spanish language.

Enrique Loewe Lynch, of the fourth generation, is a passionate advocate for the arts and is the president of The Loewe Foundation, a private cultural initiative supported over the past 20 years by such luminaries as Mario Vargas Llosa, André Ricard, Alicia de Larrocha and Nobel Prize winner, the late Octavio Paz. Awarded the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts by His Royal Majesty the King of Spain in 2002, The Loewe Foundation also supports the “Infanta Cristina” Piano Contest (Loewe-Hazen prize) as well as contemporary, classical and flamenco dance performances at Madrid's Teatro Real.