The quality marks of the House are stamped on the finest leathers and the most exceptional skins in the way a goldsmith hallmarks his wares.

A guarantee of quality since its beginnings, Loewe's signatures have evolved over the years. The legend, Loewe Madrid 1846, is used sometimes discreetly, sometimes boldly, on bags and garments, while the famous Anagram insignia, a mirror play of four baroque L's and referred to locally as “el cangrejo”, (the crab), always appears on the Amazona bag to reinforce the supreme quality of this icon. Today, the Anagram is also used as bold metal hardware ornamentation in the costume jewellery collection and as a decorative pattern on the canvas collection, which is called Anagram in its honour.

Given that the pronunciation of Loewe might be challenging to some, the Anagram also serves as a purely visual signal, recognised around the world as the guarantee of an unique quality from a startlingly unique country; Spain, the land of colour and contrast, passion and culture.