Every purchase, from a key-ring to a silver charm, to a handbag to treasure as an heirloom, is beautifully boxed and wrapped. Loewe is among the very rare purveyors of luxury goods where the delightful packaging is almost as covetable as the contents. “I remember my first Loewe gift and saying 'Oh my goodness! I love it!' before I had even opened it because it didn’t matter what was inside, it would be beautiful for sure”, recalls scarf artist, Julia León.

“Of course I remember Loewe for Christmas!” exclaims María Jesús Cervelló, the sales lady who would later impress kings and presidents with her charm. “I think I was ten. My father gave my mother a Loewe box, she gave him a Loewe box. Inside hers was a classical handbag that was not extravagant, in his, a wallet that was so well made, but mostly, I remember the expectation!

When you work in the store, you learn how to make this special Loewe packaging, although each store always has a special person who is better at creating these gift boxes with their wonderful ribbons than anyone else!”

“Many Spaniards hope that Christmas will bring something from Loewe!” says Marisa de Borbón, a leading light in Madrid’s high society. “For us, seeing the signature wrapping stirs up good emotions. It makes us recall the happiness of our mothers, our grandmothers receiving Loewe gifts. It unites a family in tradition and modernity”. Such is this family tradition that in the 1960s, the House even ran advertisements asking customers not to visit if they were in a rush, due to the care taken gift-wrapping every purchase. All the promise of famous gifts in beautiful packaging continues to this day. So remember to take time when you visit Loewe.