Just as the sense of touch is vital to Loewe so is the sense of smell. Scents for men and for women strive to bottle Spain's complex and magical allure. L was launched in 1972 followed in 1974 by Loewe pour Homme. Aire de Loewe, Esencia de Loewe, Gala de Día and Aire de Loewe are among a host of Loewe's enduring fine fragrances. Solo Loewe is a symphony of contrasting notes inspired by the character of the Spanish male and including lavender, guava and bergamot spiced with cinnamon and amber, while for women, "Quizás, Quizás, Quizás", (“Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” named for the wellknown song by Osvaldo Farrés,) aims to bottle the mercurial nature of the modern Spanish woman.