A self-published, phonebook-size visual history spanning its past, present and future.

Anderson sees the new LOEWE book as a useful reference tool. ‘It’s not a book to be precious with, its a hefty block of paper that’s meant to be used and engaged with, documenting the entire universe of the brand until now, indicating where it stands today and where it might go next.’

Instead of providing a fixed trajectory, through hundreds of images covering 170 years —arranged in no particular order and with little text— the book aims to trigger many possible associations between LOEWE’s current momentum and selected prior moments from its history.

‘It’s not about making clear, linear connections. It’s just our favorite side of LOEWE, what we think makes it different from any other house, all put into a book filled with images I fell in love with. It’s quite subjective.’ —Luis Venegas.

Venegas spent months at the house archives near Madrid, scouring through thousands of items to make an edit of representative and unique material that has never been communicated to the world. The final selection includes editorials and campaigns —old and new, all rephotographed— as well as images of archival objects and of artworks that tie to the house or its Spanish roots.

The book is edited by fashion and magazine expert Luis Venegas, who was directly commissioned and given creative freedom for the project by LOEWE creative director Jonathan Anderson.

For a free audio accompaniment of the LOEWE Book search ‘LOEWE’ on iBooks.

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