POESÍA eres tú

The LOEWE Foundation and its International PoetryPrize marked their 30th anniversary in 2017. For the last three decades, the LOEWE Foundation has collated the best poetry in Spanish, which was commemorated with 'POESIA eres tu', a documentary produced by the Foundation that will be released on National Poetry Day.

The film casts an all-encompassing gaze at a genre in constant evolution, to which the LOEWE FOUNDATION has paid tribute since 1988.

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Winners of the XXXVI LOEWE FOUNDATION International Poetry Prize

Diego Roel

Argentinian poet Diego Roel (b.1980, Buenos Aires) studied History of the Visual Arts at the Universidad de La Plata and has published a number of collections since 2005. He currently lives and works in Posadas, where he organises creative writing workshops.

Ernesto Delgado

Cuban poet Ernesto Delgado (b.1996, Placetas) holds a BA in Literature from the Universidad Central 'Marta Abreu' de las Villas. A founding member of the literary group 'La estrella en germen', his poems appear in several Latin American magazines and anthologies.

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