'POESÍA eres tú'

The LOEWE Foundation and its International Poetry Prize mark their 30th anniversary. For the last three decades, the LOEWE Foundation has collated the best poetry in Spanish, which will be commemorated with 'POESIA eres tu', a documentary produced by the Foundation that will be released on National Poetry Day.

The film casts an all-encompassing gaze at a genre in constant evolution, to which the LOEWE FOUNDATION has paid tribute since 1988.

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Ben Clark(伊比萨岛,出生于1984年)在2017年凭借诗集《La policia celeste》夺得第30届LOEWE基金会国际诗歌奖。Luciana Reif(布宜诺斯艾利斯,出生于1989年)凭借作品《Un hogar fuera de mi》荣获LOEWE年轻诗人奖。



History of the LOEWE Poetry Prize

An accolade awarded on a yearly basis, the LOEWE FOUNDATION International Poetry Prize was established in 1988 by the foundation's president at the time, Enrique Loewe, together with the poet Luis Antonio de Villena and the editor Jesús Visor.

In the thirty years since it was first established, the judges have recognised some of the most outstanding poets in the Spanish-speaking world.

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