Introducing A Show in a Book

The Fall Winter 2021 men’s runway collection and Fall Winter 2021 women’s precollection pay homage to the artist and writer Joe Brainard (1942–1994), and are presented as part of A Show in a Book: a 200-page hardbound volume devoted to his work.

In a new medium

The women’s collection pays tribute to Brainard’s work through prints, jacquards and marquetry, and also through collage as a method and mindset.

Inside A Show in a Book

The book gathers rarely seen artworks, comics, printed matter and ephemera created by Joe Brainard throughout the 1960s and 70s.

Women’s Fall Winter 2021 precollection

The collection celebrates gathering, folding, tying, wrapping and draping as expressions of the impromptu spirit of collage —a juxtaposition of elements that is both organic and surprising; spontaneous and dreamlike.

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In detail

Ready-to-wear, bags and accessories are emblazoned with Brainard’s paintings, quotes and Pansies artwork. The tone is concise and direct: lines are clean, volumes are loose, colours are earthy and vivid.

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