Lunar New Year

We celebrate the Lunar New Year with a series of films exploring the Chinese folk arts that traditionally mark the holiday, each telling the story of a family's dedication to preserving these ancient crafts.

Feng Xiang woodblock printing

Traditionally created to signify goodwill for the Lunar New Year with auspicious symbolic imagery, Feng Xiang woodblock prints have a 500-year history.

Woodblock-making technique

A master craftsman takes more than a decade to hone his craft before carving designs in wood, applying ink and printing images by hand.

Family tradition

Master craftsman Tai Liping is a 20th generation heir to this tradition. His daughter-in-law Wang Yixuan is determined to continue in his footsteps.

Yuting cake-making

Yuting cake is a traditional pastry with an intricate sculptural form; it is historically made in the Huizhou region to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Cake-making technique

Black sesame rice flour is roasted and ground into a fine powder, mixed and pressed into delicately shaped molds, then baked.

Family tradition

Su Shun’an is preserving the craft passed down by his mother, Wang Juanjuan, who has made Yuting cake for over 50 years.

Daoming bamboo weaving

A heritage craft passed on over 2000 years, Daoming bamboo weaving techniques are used to create bamboo lanterns for the Lunar New Year.

Weaving technique

The bamboo is locally sourced and cut to an exact size in order to be woven by hand using ancient techniques.

Family tradition

Third generation heir Yang Longmei gave up a job in civil aviation to learn the craft from her father, Yang Zhen.

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