The LOEWE FOUNDATION presented the third exhibition in its Chance Encounters series, bringing together artists from various disciplines in order to explore unexpected conversations.

Works by Sara Flynn, Richard Smith and Lionel Wendt were presented within the unique space of the LOEWE Miami Design District store, which is designed around a monumental 18th century granary from Portugal.

Made from stone and wood, its presence within the building encapsulates LOEWE’s celebration of past, present and future, and provides a resonant setting for the work of these three artists.

The exhibition will run from 5 December 2017 to 4 February 2018.

Miami Design District
110 NE 39th Street,
Suite #102

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Ceramics by Lucie Rie (2015) and John Ward (2016) were presented within the granary in previous editions. For Miami Art Basel 2017, Irish artist Sara Flynn was commissioned to produce a new body of ceramic work that engaged with the space and materiality of the historical building.

Despite using a wheel to throw her pots, Flynn’s subsequent interventions result in complex and irregular shapes that challenge our reading of the vessel, bringing them into closer dialogue with the language of sculpture. Through cutting, rejoining and adding to their basic thrown volumes, Flynn creates asymmetrical forms that shift and change across their entire surface.

Flynn has conceived of the commission as a single group, allowing for a formal journey to unfold from vessel to vessel. Flynn was shortlisted for the inaugural LOEWE Craft Prize in 2017.


Following a major presentation of photographs by artist Paul Nash at the Miami store in 2015, last year´s exhibition presented a series of rare images by the historical Sri Lankan photographer Lionel Wendt (1900–1944). Wendt pushed the photographic medium to its limits, using experimental exposure and printing techniques, such as solarisation, to create images of astounding beauty and poetry.

After his premature death in 1944 most of his negatives were destroyed, but his prints were rediscovered in the 1990s and he is now considered one of the key proponents of modernist photography. Wendt’s photographs were presented as part of the setting for the LOEWE Fall 2017 collection at the Unesco building in Paris.


Richard Smith was one of the most original artists of his generation. He emerged in the late 1950s and became known for works that challenged the accepted traditions of painting, particularly in his use of shaped canvases which extended them into three-dimensional space.

His renowned installation Shuttle was part of Smith’s major survey exhibition ‘Seven Exhibitions 1961–1965’ at the Tate Gallery, London, in 1975 and it is now part of Chance Encounters.

Smith’s work Both Halves (A) (1977) was acquired by the LOEWE FOUNDATION in 2016 and is currently displayed in it’s Madrid Flagship store.