LOEWE Women´s Spring Summer 2019

By reflecting on echoes of early modernism in contemporary art today, Jonathan Anderson posits the LOEWE Women’s Spring Summer 2019 show inside a simulated exhibition construct at the Maison de l’UNESCO in Paris. Entering through the recreated façade of experimental London gallery SIGNALS (1964-66), the restored mid-century rooms play host to a sequence of kinetic, sonic, and fibre art experiences. 

Showcased within this gallery conceit the collection bristles with a Brutalist hedonism, where matte, raw textiles are elevated by swathes of opulent colour in an inky, aquarelle palette. The collection´s enduring silhouettes play with curves, inflate with voluminous intent, and explore the potency of suspended asymmetries. 

© Music: Wim Mertens ‘Mains’